More climate change fraud

by Robert Maynard

British “climate change” activists predicted a dry winter resulting from climate change.  When they “experienced some of the wettest and stormiest weather ever recorded,” these same activists blamed that on climate change without skipping a beat.  When Britain experienced severe flooding, the activists ramped up their climate change rhetoric.  However, as this video from the Global Warming Policy Foundation points out, it was bad policy, not bad weather that caused the flooding.  The computer model based predictions of a dry winter were way off base.  The result of these faulty predictions was bad policy, which inadequately prepared Britain for the wet winter that actually occurred.  This should be a clear lesson in the perils of making policy based on computer modeling rather than on an analysis of historical weather patterns.  There is also a need for politicians and hysterical activists to distinguish between weather and climate. Take a look at the video below from the GWPF:

One thought on “More climate change fraud

  1. They are very adept at changing on the fly what their message is. It was global warming the ice caps will be gone polar bears will die. But this year we have more polar ice than in the last decade. The great lake are frozen over for the first time in years, more warming? So now the battle cry is it is climate change caused by man. Weather has patterns that change but it is easier for these groups to cause hysteria for there cause than to tell the truth.

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