Mount Anthony Union High school staff hold evacuation drill

This article by Derek Carson originally appeared March 21 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — While the students of Mount Anthony Union High School and the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center had Wednesday off due to an in-service day, the faculty and staff were busy, practicing what they would do in the event of an emergency evacuation.

The drill covered what staff would do in the event of an stage three, or off-site, evacuation, per the school’s recently adopted emergency operation plan. According to Bennington Police Lt. David Dutcher, who provided assistance with the drill, school administrators wanted to run through the plan first without students before including the students in the drill at a later date.

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union began in January 2017 what school safety coordinator Victor Milani called a “proactive initiative” to ensure a safe and secure school environment in all of its buildings. As part of that process each school underwent a safety assessment, the new emergency operations plans were developed, safety teams were formed at each school, reception staff were given full-day training about assessing and interaction with suspicious or emotional individuals, and improved video monitoring systems were installed at all of the schools. Other improvements to school security are still ongoing.

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Image courtesy of Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union