“Moving Planet” Rally

by Caitie Banfield

Outside the capital building in Montpelier, hundreds of people gathered in an event dubbed “Moving Planet”, which was a celebration for moving beyond the use of fossil fuels.  The event was a substantial day of global action. The Sept 24th event set records for Vermont, it was the largest climate change event ever held in the state.

Moving Planet is an association of businesses, non-profits, colleges, and individuals concerned with global warming and climate change. Participants confirmed their vow to move beyond the use of fossil fuels at the event. Nearly 180 countries participated in the Moving Planet day of action this year and close to 700 United States cities joined in participation, according to the event press release.

The event consisted of musicians, politicians, and many other people with the concern of climate change. The musicians sang about the climate and the disaster caused by Hurricane Irene and there were speeches given from Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor Peter Shumlin.

Senator Bernie Sanders said, “If we don’t reverse global warming all of the other issues won’t matter because we won’t have a planet for our grandchildren.”

Ron Slabaugh agreed with what Sanders had said in his speech. “I’m very concerned with climate change,” Slabaugh said. “It isn’t a problem; it is the problem.”

Slabaugh, a Middlebury resident, was one of the many musicians that performed at the event. Slabaugh performed three songs one of which was a song by Pete Segar. For the event, Slabaugh had written a new verse to the Pete Segar song to sing at the event.

Slabaugh expressed his concern of whether the planet is capable of moving away from fossil fuels. “How will we move from oil to this new way of living?” Slabaugh said.

A couple of consistent themes that prevailed during the event were the desire for Vermont to be a leader and the concern with current climate change. The hope for Vermont to lead the nation to climate solutions seemed very important to many of the people attending the event. And Hurricane Irene was a often brought up when talking about the climate change. Many people pointed out that the disaster caused by the hurricane is a “wake up call.” According to the event press release, one of the speakers that spoke said, “we can’t wait for another climate disaster to change, we must change now.”

Nathaly Agosto Filion, a founding member of 350.org, hopes for the event were, “for Vermont to recognize its power; Vermont is already a power.” Nathaly was dedicated to helping the event run smoothly. Constantly running around, getting people’s attention so they knew what was going on.

350. Org was a major contributor for Saturday’s event. 350. Org was founded by Bill McKibben, author of one of the first books on global warming to be published for the general public.

On the lawn of the Statehouse, there were many tents set up, where participants displayed alternative energy sources. One display had a bicycle hooked up to light bulbs. The point of the exhibit was to show that energy efficient bulbs took less ‘pedaling power’ to be bright. An ordinary light bulb was not at all as bright as the efficient bulb with the same amount of ‘pedaling power.’ Another similar display had bicycle hooked up to a press that the exhibitors were putting apples through to make apple cider, which they served right there.

According to the event press release over 160 bicycle riders rode from Burlington to Montpelier for the event. When the group arrived they received an applause for their accomplishment of making the trip.

The people of Vermont may want to consider alternative opinions on whether human activity is really the primary driver of global climate change before jumping on the bandwagon.  A report questioning this assumption (http://www.climatestrategieswatch.com/articles/manmade-global-warming-is-tulip-bulb-mania/), was published in the International Journal of Climatology written by several scientists and professors, which include Professor S. Fred Singer, Professor John R. Christy, Benjamin D. Pearson, and David H. Douglass. These scientists found evidence, which suggested that climate change is not ‘man-made’. These scientists have discovered “that observed patterns of temperature changes over the last 30 years disagree with what greenhouse models predict and can be better explained by natural factors, such as solar variability.”

Current legislation states that by controlling greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions climate change can be influenced for the better. In conclusion to the scientist’s research, they’ve discovered climate change to be “unstoppable.”

While the “Moving Planet” event was a great way for people to see examples of things they can do to become more energy efficient. It is likely that many of the people in attendance aren’t aware of the business objective behind the ‘man-made’ global warming crisis.

According to www.climatestrategieswatch.com, all of the money that has been and continues to be dumped into studies for climate change is deposited right to the major advocates of ‘man-made’ global warming. The worse the ‘man-made’ crisis appears to the public means more money for the global warming business.


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