National Popular Vote Weakens Vermont’s Electoral Influence

As reported by this Fox 44 local news article:

“The Senate voted 20-10 on Tuesday to advance a bill that would have Vermont follow six other states and the District of Columbia in promising that if enough other states agree, they’ll have their Electoral College members vote for the winner of the national popular vote, rather than the winner of the electors’ home states.”

The Electoral College is a product of our federalist system intended to preserve the sovereignty of each individual sate.  This was a particular concern of the smaller states like Vermont, who feared that their individual influences would get swallowed up in a monolithic national system.  Larger states have more of an influence when it comes to national elections as it is, a National Popular Vote would only decrease the influence of small sates like Vermont on the electoral process.  Why our political leadership in Montpelier would support an approach that weakens or electoral influence is anybody’s guess.  A small clue is given in the Fox News article:

“Some Vermont lawmakers are joining a national movement to change the way the Electoral College elects the president of the United States.”

It would appear that being part of a “national movement” is of more importance to our political leaders than serving the interests of the citizens of Vermont.