Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Press  Release

Montpelier, VT – A poll released by the VT NEA shows Vermonters overwhelmingly believe the quality of their health care is good or excellent and half of voters polled believe the cost of their health care is affordable. The poll also shows that 84% are satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the quality of their current health care coverage. Further, the poll shows only 24% of Vermonters are truly in favor of single payer health care.

Against this poor showing of single payer among Vermonters, the NEA National has decided to commit over $100,000 of teachers’ money to prop up the push to single payer.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom learned long ago that Vermonters like their health care, believe in its quality and want to preserve choice and competition for insurance coverage. Vermonters do not want the government between them and their doctor.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom also believes that reforms can and should be made that protect patients and doctors rights, while working to reduce and control the cost of health care.

“Given Vermont’s low opinion of Governor Shumlin’s single payer health care scheme, shown by the NEA’s poll, VHCF again calls on the Governor to delay Vermont Health Connect as the President has done, to allow Vermont’s Exchange to be voluntary and for Governor Shumlin to scrap his single payer scheme,” said Darcie Johnston, Founder of VHCF.

Vermonter’s deserve high quality, affordable and full accessible health care and we all need to work together to reform health care for all Vermonters.