New Challenges to Obamacare Making Their Way to the Supreme Court

The Obama Administration may have dodged a bullet when the Supreme Court let the mandate in the so-called “Affordable Care Act” stand by calling it a tax.  The bill, however, is not out of the legal woods yet as new challenges to the law, arguing that it violates the freedom of religion, are making their way to the Supreme Court.  This story is from GOPUSA:

The legal challenges over religious freedom and the birth control coverage requirement in President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul appear to be moving toward the U.S. Supreme Court.

Faith-affiliated charities, hospitals and universities have filed dozens of lawsuits against the mandate, which requires employers to provide insurance that covers contraception for free. However, many for-profit business owners are also suing, claiming a violation of their religious beliefs.

The religious lawsuits have largely stalled, as the Department of Health and Human Services tries to develop an accommodation for faith groups. However, no such offer will be made to individual business owners. And their lawsuits are yielding conflicting rulings in appeals courts around the country.

“The circuits have split. You’re getting different, conflicting interpretations of law, so the line of cases will have to go to the Supreme Court,” said Carl Esbeck, a professor at the University of Missouri Law School who specializes in religious liberty issues.

Under the requirement, most employers, including faith- affiliated hospitals and nonprofits, have to provide health insurance that includes artificial contraception, including sterilization, as a free preventive service. The goal, in part, is to help women space pregnancies as a way to promote health.

Religious groups who employ and serve people of their own faith – such as churches – are exempt. But other religiously affiliated groups, such as Catholic Charities, must comply.

Stay tuned folks.