Newsletter – June 29, 2012

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom

Supreme Court Rules on Affordable Care Act

Everyone in the Solar System must now be aware that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in a ruling released yesterday. And it seems everyone in the Solar System has had something to say about it. Here are some links giving a variety of perspectives, starting most importantly with a link to the decision itself:

PDF of Supreme Court Decision:

VTDigger: Vermont Health Care reform Supporters Cheer Court Decision:

The Weekly Standard: This Election Just Became About Obamacare:

Breitbart: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: The Supreme Court’s Worst Decision Since Kelo:

-Since-Kelo Obamacare Upheld, 5-4 Decision as Roberts Sides with Liberals:

Politico: Supreme Court health care ruling: 6 takeaways:


VHCF: Ruling Places Limits on Vermont Single Payer

Somewhere in the cacophony Vermonters for Health Care Freedom offered our take on the decision. While health care freedom is our mission and the Affordable Care Act clearly violates that principal, there are about a billion national groups singing in that chorus. What VHCF does that is unique is to challenge Vermont’s race to implement government monopoly single payer health care that, quite frankly, makes the ACA look reasonable by comparison. So our take on the ruling was totally focused on its implications for Governor Shumlin’s health care takeover called Green Mountain Care. Our statement was distributed to VHCF subscribers yesterday afternoon, and can be accessed from our web site at the following link:

VHCF: Supreme Court Ruling Places Limits on Vermont Health Care Reform:


New VT Single Payer Advocacy Group Set Up as Money Funnel for SEIU

The Burlington Free Press carried a story about new plans to ‘sell’ single payer to Vermonters. Our three traditional advocacy groups are being joined by a new one, “Vermont Leads”, which is reportedly funded by a single grant of $100,000 from the Service Employees International Union, which admittedly does not have a single member in Vermont. The Rutland Herald ran a related story on the internal infighting among the unions over SEIU’s interest in Vermont. And The Vermont Worker’s Center is now making a broad national appeal for donations to help promote the government takeover agenda here.

VHCF issued a statement in response to all of this activity, much of which appears directed at us. The statement asks why, given that single payer advocates control all of state government, have passed two laws to make it happen and are spending tens of millions of dollars to implement it, is a huge media campaign needed to sell single payer?

Statement by Vermonters for Health Care Freedom on the funding of a new sales campaign for single payer: 

Burlington Free Press article: 

VTDigger coverage:


REPORT: Canadians Waste $1 Billion per Year Waiting for Treatment

Sun News has a 3 minute video reporting on a Fraser Institute study finding longer waits and higher costs for surgery under Canada’s single payer health care system.

Sun News link is here:


United Kingdom National Health Service Guidebook published a column by Cal Thomas, who examines the UK’s NHS as a ‘guidebook’ for the future of U.S. health care. Thomas reports on media accounts from the UK:

“Here’s another recent Telegraph headline: “Lives put at risk by shortage of drugs.” The story says, “Four in five NHS trusts in England and Wales say patients are suffering ‘unacceptable’ delays for drugs to treat life-threatening conditions including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and organ failure.” Drug companies are getting better prices elsewhere in Europe and so are “rationing” them here.”

Thomas’ column on is here: