NFIB Announces Results of Legislative Voting Record Slim Support for Small Business

by Robert Maynard

Vermont’s leading small business association—the National Federation of Independent Business/Vermont—today announced the release of the 2011-2012 NFIB Vermont Voting Record. The voting record tabulates eight House and six Senate roll-call votes.

NFIB tracks the key legislative issues identified by its members every session and tabulates a score for every lawmaker. The Voting Record serves as a tool for small business owners and citizens about the decisions their elected officials make on issues critical to our economy. There is no more effective way to gauge the performance of politicians than examining their voting record. While most elected officials claim to support small businesses, the NFIB voting record gives citizens a picture of what their elected officials are up to in Montpelier.

“With two out of every three new jobs created by small business; this has been another difficult legislative biennium for small businesses in Vermont,” said Shawn Shouldice, who serves as NFIB/VT’s state director. “But these issues are not just critical to small business owners they are important to all Vermont citizens.”

“In the Senate 9 of 30 and in the House 43 of 150 achieved a score of 60% or higher.  Small business makes up 96.8% of the economy; NFIB/VT works hard to inform lawmakers about the importance of small business to the Vermont economy. They are the backbone to our economic growth and competitive position. Based on these scores we have our work cut out for us,” said Shouldice. On the other side of that coin a quick look at the Vermont NFIB scorecard will reveal that, in the Senate 9 of 30  and in the House 60 out of 150 scored an absolute zero.  In other words, if we consider 60% a passing grade, we have more legislators in Montpelier scoring an absolute ZERO than we have who have passed.  We are not talking simple failing grade here, but an absolute ZERO!  Something really has to be done about this in November.

Small businesses in Vermont expressed deep concerns over the health care reform measures particularly the formation of Health Care Insurance Exchange, mandatory work breaks, higher taxes on energy, unionization of childcare workers, and other initiatives that would put negative pressure on the state’s weak economy.

The NFIB Voting Record is available to the public online at


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