Obamacare’s Latest Hurdle


By Gerhard Meyer, Senior, St. Michael’s College

There have been many hotly debated issues that have been brought up via the 2012 campaign, but none perhaps more personal and polarizing than Obamacare and birth control. There have been many passionate arguments from both sides. Here’s an attempt to shed some light on the issue: First and foremost, the very idea of a man addressing birth control sounds like a pretty brash decision. “It’s a woman’s issue” and “It’s none of your business” are some familiar responses that I’ve gotten. But let’s step back and think for a moment: does this issue only affect half of our population? Are not business-owning men and women both mandated by Obamacare? Surely there must be men who do not want their wives to become pregnant. This is a humanity issue, and any attempt to split it by gender is naïve and driven by bias.

To be clear, Conservatives are not trying to outlaw birth control. Conservatism seeks to free people from the force of a few politicians. This is why we support the choice of business owners to decide whether or not to foot the bill for their employees. Giving the government power over this goes two ways; surrendering power over birth control means that the government can give, or take it away. There is no telling what the motivations of future presidents are, and this increase in power is dangerous.

One thing that I could not understand was why, during a recession, this extra burden was being put on employers. Unlike sexual activity which is a choice, there are circumstances like diabetes that require medications in dire need of financial support. But the left ignores that in favor of birth control. The reason is political; this is merely a trick to garner votes and paint conservatives as zealots from the dark ages.

While this issue has boiled down over the past couple of weeks, it is important to ask if this was a sort of retreat for the left. Had this issue been presented ten years ago, they would have brought up abortion. Now, they have accepted that the country is growing more pro-life, and have shifted to birth control. It is crucial that we see this issue for what it was: a distraction from the far more important issues and a desperate rally cry for Obamacare.