Obama’s About Face on the Sequester

by Robert Maynard

Apparently President Obama no longer sees the sequester as a bringer of doom.  An article in Townhall.com speculates that this about face was brought about by tow factors.  One is Bob Woodward’s revelation that the sequester was actually President Obama’s idea and the other is a sudden stiffening of the spine on the part of the GOP leadership.  Here is what the article had to say about President Obama’s about face:

There was a distinct change in tone from the White House this week on what sequestration would mean. In little more than a week we went from roving bands of teacherless children wandering darkened streets filled with uninspected rancid meat, illegal aliens and pre-convicted felons released because of lack of funds setting fires there aren’t enough firefighters to extinguish to not a “cliff” but a possible gradual “tumble downward.” That’s on the order of the difference between ordering a ham sandwich and getting a foot massage.

Here is there speculation about the reason for the about face:

What caused this change? Two things. The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward’s spam filter seemingly malfunctioned, blocking White House talking points and forcing him to tell the truth about the sequester’s origin, and Republican leadership took pills to address their low testosterone.

Woodward’s piece left no ambiguity as to who introduced the concept and insisted upon adoption of sequestration as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Within days Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor decided they wanted to keep their titles and thus would bend no more to the will of a relentless demagogue.

Now perhaps we can have an adult discussion over the need for real spending cuts.