Obama’s policies have destroyed America’s economy and driven up its debt.

by Linda F. Kirker

President Obama has been very successful in his efforts to destroy America’s economy, increase the U.S. debt and drive businesses and jobs out of the country through high taxes , unrealistic job-killing regulations , economic uncertainty, and government waste of taxpayer dollars by supporting several energy companies that went bankrupt.

12-14 MILLION American workers are unemployed. If you include the underemployed and those who have given up looking for work, that number increases toward 24 million Americans struggling. That means more people depend on taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits, welfare, Medicaid, WIC, housing support, food stamps etc. This is unhealthy for our country.

Under the Obama administration, our country has moved away from Constitutional freedoms to government control of education funding and curriculum, government control of business, government control of 33% of U.S. land, government control of the environment, government control of energy and now government control of your health care …..and, Obama’s executive orders that circumvented the powers of Congress. When government takes control, YOU LOSE CONTROL!

In less than four years, Obama and the democrats in Congress have increased U.S. debt by over FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS for a total national debt of $16-plus Trillion dollars. Our national GDP, the money generated in our country annually, is only 14 Trillion dollars. Our spending exceeds our income by more than one TRILLION dollars annually. Forty cents of every dollar our government spends is borrowed money. The “stimulus” approach to improve the economy was a huge failure. What it stimulated was an increased national debt. A country with huge debt is vulnerable. China owns $1.132 Trillion of U.S. debt and Japan owns $1.038 Trillion.

We need new national leaders who understand that our country cannot continue down the path of growing, irresponsible debt that will burden our children and grandchildren for decades to come. Auto gas is $4.00 per gallon, more than doubled since Obama took office when gas was $1.85 per gallon. All of this affects the amount of money you have to spend on your own family’s needs. Is this what you support?

Obama talks about improving the country’s infrastructure and hiring more public, unionized employees. The union leaders are big financial supporters of Obama and the democrats. Thank goodness that the Supreme Court acknowledged that corporations represent individuals, just like unions represent their members. Otherwise, the multi-billions of dollars thrown by unions to democrat and progressive candidates would have no competition….the way they like it. Now the campaigns are more equally balanced financially and the candidates can reach the voters who can decide who to support.

The progressive- democrat administration under Barack Obama has created a nation divided by continually stirring up racial, social, and multicultural issues and wealth envy in order to create resentment and division among Americans. Their spewed rhetoric, anger and untruths have misled the people, who deserve better. Is this the same Obama who campaigned on a platform of “one America”? Is this the Obama who was going to unite America? I don’t think so.

In the past, the democrat party was different than it is today. The old democrat party of our parents and grandparents has evolved into an ultra liberal, progressive philosophy of government power over the people. Progressives and socialists in the democrat party are anti-individual empowerment, anti -wealth and anti-business. They prefer collectivism; large, costly government that controls the citizens, their wealth & property, through high taxes and regulations. This is not freedom, this is progressive Socialism! Ask Bernie Sanders about why he is a self-proclaimed Socialist.

On November 6th, “We the People” can take back the power and rights that the U.S. Constitution outlines and protects for us. Your choice is between being a slave to big government OR living as a free citizen who is empowered by a government that respects its Constitutional restrictions, thereby preserving your individual rights and state and national sovereignty.

Please join me in preserving our unique and precious freedoms by casting your vote for Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan for Vice President.


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  1. Linda, you are far too kind to the administration and its co-conspirators. Obama professes to being a Christian, but there is a significant body of evidence to the opposite. Do remember that under the beliefs of the terrorist folks, lying is an accepted practice to utilize in furtherance of the cause.

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