Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders take another stab at a Green New Deal-like agenda

By Chris White

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are teaming up to push a resolution that calls for enormous federal action to tackle man-made global warming.

Sanders has linked up with Ocasio-Cortez in the past, working with the New York Democrat in May to push the short-lived Green New Deal (GND). The Vermont senator is attempting to sure-up his progressive credentials as he campaigns for president in 2020.

Global warming has resulted in “a climate emergency that severely and urgently impacts the economic and social well-being, health and safety, and national security of the United States,” notes a draft of the resolution, which was obtained by Bloomberg.

They are demanding “a national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization of the resources and labor of the United States at a massive-scale to halt, reverse, mitigate, and prepare for the consequences of the climate emergency and to restore the climate for future generations.”

Both lawmakers pressed for the so-called GND, which called for the U.S. to completely nix fossil fuels within a decade and for universal health care, basic income programs as well as job guarantees. The document also calls on a House committee to recognize goals for social justice among other progressive goals.

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Image courtesy of Nick Solari/Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders take another stab at a Green New Deal-like agenda

  1. Here is loud-shouting, arm-waving, multi-millionaire, SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders, getting close to 80 years old, with three houses, and a $70,000 Audie (supporting the GERMAN worker), and

    – Flying FOR FREE on private planes spewing CO2, for spouting his SOCIALIST and GLOBAL WARMING rhetoric nationwide on some else’s dime (his foundation is buying carbon offsets, a cost of “doing business”; a PR gesture!), and

    – Not liking a proper barrier to protect the US southern border (purposely enticing unskilled illiterates, not successful in their own country, to easily enter the US, because they will ultimately become Democrat voters!), and

    – Having his own tax-exempt foundation (don’t pay me, as I would have to pay federal and state income taxes, pay my tax-exempt foundation!), and

    – Promising more and more goodies to his favored supporters, including free health care for everyone, including 11 to 15 million illegals, and forgiveness of student debt (setting a poor example for their future behavior) to raise his fading poll numbers, and

    – Campaigning for even more US-style Socialism to benefit his foundation, a la Clinton and a la Gore, all smooth-operating, self-serving hucksters!! They know how to play the game to their advantage.

  2. These two Socialist fools make a good pair ” Nit & Wit “. We all know Sanders is just a
    barking buffoon and Cortez is an imbecile……..

    Neither of these fools has a way to pay for any of there nonsense, it’s pure BS for the
    minions that follow them ” Promises, Promises ”

    I would hope any working American sends these to fools packing whatever party you
    follow, but I think the DemocRATs are a lost cause just listen to these fools……… Oh well.

    Conservatives, tell all your Independent friends if you want to keep what you have or be
    prepared to lose what you have to Socialism.

    Socialist Sanders & Crazy Cortez ……… Vermont you own one of them !!

  3. “urgently impacts the economic and social well-being, health and safety, and national security of the United States,”

    But open boarders and invading 3rd world lawless disease carriers are good for the health and safety and National Security. Now I see how this all works..
    Stupid is as stupid does, and those 2 commie creeps own stupid, well Pedo Joe is definitely in the race along with 90% of the demontarded.
    I believe the THINKING people of the US would prefer to keep The Trump Economy going to
    benefit us not the illegal invaders…

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