Occupiers Finally Catch on to Vermont’s Democrats and Cronyism

A recent article in Seven Days shows that supporters of the Occupy Wall Street offshoot here in Vermont, along with some environmentalist, are starting to finally recognize the cronyism practiced by Vermont’s Democrats:

The group of protesters had a mixed bag of concerns, but all revolved around the state’s energy policies: the industrialization of Vermont’s ridge lines, specifically the Shumlin administration’s precedent of turning the Lowell Mountain ridge lines into an industrial wind farm, and what that may bode for other mountain vistas in Vermont; and the corporatization of the state’s utilities. They voiced objections to the state’s increasingly cozy relationship with Green Mountain Power.

“When Gov. Shumlin opposed Vermont Yankee, he was doing the right thing and we supported him. But then Green Mountain Power turns around and buys power from Seabrook [Nuclear Power] and he says nothing. Why not?” said Eric Wallace-Senft of Woodbury. “He’s allowing Green Mountain Power to get everything it wants. We need to stop this kind of corporate dominance.”

I am glad that these people have finally spoke up, but the question I have is “What took so long”?  Letting monied interest set our political agenda has been going on on the left for a while now.