On a mission

Robert Maynard

The Vermont Future’s Project has identified the kind of skills and training that our workforce will need for our economy to prosper in the future.  In a competitive global market we will have to start to take more seriosuly how our children stack up education-wise against an increasing competive environemnt.  Getting our children in top shape educationally.  

That was the them highlighted by Kevin Chavous as he describes himself as “an evangelist on a mission” to get every child a quality education that will allow them to compete in the global marketplace.  This will require reforming an education system that was created on a Industrial Age model.  He sees the issue of school choice as the key to shuch reforms and was featured a while back here in Vermont and other states acroos the country in an event called “National School Choice Week”

Mr Chavas was joinded by local Vermont student.  Among them was Jasmine Whittaker, a seventh grader at the Riverside School gave a personal testimony about how school choice gives young people more educational opportunity than a one size fits all educational approach:

2 thoughts on “On a mission

  1. I would hope that part of this study some effort will b directed at attracting businesses to Vermont which will provide employment opportunities for these well educated folks. No jobs and our educated young continue to leave.

  2. Sadly, school choice doesn’t include religious schools, so let’s call it what it is – discrimination.
    This prohibition is Union driven. As many schools cancel classes for a woman’s day walk out today, that won’t be happening at our local area Christian school, nor in our hospital. Interestingly, in the state of Tennessee anybody over 65 doesn’t pay school tax. Two of the largest challenges to schools in Vermont today are the carbon tax and legalization of marijuana.

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