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Shumlin Assistant Admits That They “Need to Spend More Time” Figuring Out the Finances of the Proposed Health Care Reform

It looks like some of Vermont’s business leaders are getting a little concerned over the proposed healthcare reform… This rush to pass a proposal that they admittedly do not even know how they are going to pay for is inexcusable.


Asking the Right Question on Healthcare Reform

“House Health Care Committee Chairman Mark Larson, D-Burlington, was working to sell House Democrats on the concept of health-care reform Tuesday at their weekly caucus meeting. “There are some people who are starting to make the argument that it’s not that broken,” Larson said of the health care system as he made the argument that it is.” Perhaps Representative Larson is asking the the wrong question. Instead of asking whether our health care system is in need of reform, perhaps we should be examining the nature of the reform being proposed….


Should Taxpayers Subsidize Unhealthy Food Choices?

‘It’s no surprise, not everyone makes healthy choices when shopping at the supermarket. But one Vermont lawmaker says some people are using food stamps to fund their unhealthy habits. “You can purchase just about anything with the exception of beer, and other alcoholic beverages with food stamps,” Rep. Oliver Olsen (R-Jamaica) said.’…


Pro-Suicide Rallies Planned for Vermont

According to the Examiner’s Kelly Bartlett: “Patient Choices Vermont plans several meetings to promote suicide for Vermont patients. The advocates for Death with Dignity support a bill that would make it legal for healthcare personnel to assist patients in killing themselves….


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