Once Again Vermont Tops the Moocher Index

Once again that Cato Institute has taken data from a report by The Center for Immigration Studies and used that data to come up with a “Moocher Index“.  Basically, this is a measure of how many non-poor people are signed up for income-redistribution programs.  They have done this before and their findings indicate the not only does Vermont top this index, but the gap between Vermont and the next highest “moocher” appears to be significantly greater than the gap between any to states who come in adjacent to one another on the index.  The current index shows that same thing:

This finding causes them to raise the following question:

“Why is Vermont (by far) the state with the largest proportion of non-poor people signed up for welfare programs? I have no idea, but maybe this explains why they elect people like Bernie Sanders.”

This is a question that enquiring minds would like an answer to.

Editor’s note: The Cato Institute article  does not actually refer to a new study, but is a review of the original study.