Overall spending on Capital Bill up $5 million

by Robert Maynard

In keeping with Vermont state government’s tendency to overspend, a capital bill is up $5 million in overall spending.  That does not even include a containgency fund increase for the Waterbury State Office Complex.  This story is brought to us curtesy of Vermont Digger:

The Waterbury State Office Complex project, which includes the construction of a new office building and restoration of historic structures for roughly 1,000 workers with the Agency of Human Services, is slated to cost about $125 million, but the total cost could go as high as $136 million, lawmakers say.

A House panel wants to increase contingency funds for the project to cover unexpected costs.

Lawmakers will vote today on the $180 million capital adjustment bill, which contains language that would potentially boost spending for the office complex by $11 million. The original contingency fund was $5 million.