Perhaps Vermont Should Consider a Free Market Approach to Healthcare Reform

The following commentary for Vermont Digger makes sense, which is why Vermont’s progressive leadership is not likely to listen:

“Gov. Peter Shumlin, a Democrat, and his super legislative majority are on track to receive their federal waiver and can be expected to begin the conversion of Vermont’s health insurance system — what’s left of it — to a government-run single-payer plan in earnest and without much resistance. After two decades of government intervention in the health insurance market which, according to the politicians themselves, has left Vermonters struggling with higher insurance and medical costs, the political class has decided the path to lower costs is through more government intervention.

This illustration of the classic definition of insanity is by no means unique. It has played out on the national level as well, with health care being only the most conspicuous example. Government has become increasingly active in regulating and financing health care over the last 40 years — increasing health care spending from 25 percent to more than 50 percent of overall spending. Clearly the solution must be more government.

Unfortunately, the free market solutions to the health care insurance dilemma are virtually ignored in Washington and Montpelier alike. That does not make them less effective, however, only less palatable to those seeking to secure more power under the guise of compassion and fairness. It’s time at least some of those solutions had a hearing.”   – Vermont Digger