Pownal seeking volunteers for new ‘smart growth’ Economic Development Committee

This article by Patricia LeBoeuf originally appeared Sept. 17 in the Bennington Banner.

POWNAL — The town is looking for volunteers to sit on a new committee, aimed at creating “smart growth” in the town.

The Economic Development Committee, as called for in the town plan adopted in May, will act in an advisory capacity to the Select Board on anything having to do with economic issues in town.

The Select Board will decide whether to implement any of the committee’s ideas.

Members will be authorized by the Select Board and serve at the board’s pleasure, according to a copy of a town announcement seeking volunteers.

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Image courtesy of town of Pownal

One thought on “Pownal seeking volunteers for new ‘smart growth’ Economic Development Committee

  1. Those currently in the power have controlled the Structure and Access of our Governance in Vermont for at least the last 50 years since the first Regional Planning Commission was installed. During that time they have been joined by many nonprofits and others that now enjoy much the same access and are contributing to a structure that is hard to see or penetrate by those unaware of its existence. Most of the influence these collective groups have comes to Municipalities via their Planning Commission and or Select Board or Legislative Body.

    What determines outcomes is the Structure and Access used by those who participate, this is where power and control is exerted either for or against the people. It is done in very subtle ways and usually has the appearance of being for the good of the people, when in fact it may be just the opposite.

    UN Agenda 2030 ushered in a new urgency by those trying to promote a Climate frenzy, you will see it if your Town has recently updated its Town plan in the form of Action items encouraged by your Regional Planning Commission or if you have had a visit from the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) who also promotes this kind of activism.

    The Regional Commission or VCRD will take great pains to insist this is your plan or idea, even holding a community event to solicit your input and will actually be happy to write much of the draft for you in the case of a Town Plan, but the Local Commission must approve it so any Regional fingerprints are removed. However for all the effort to make Town Plans seem unique and constructed from original ideas, when compared to others most seem to have the same content and wording.

    Recruiting activists has never been easier, visit their Town, tell them it was their idea, create a development committee and set back and watch it grow!

    Get involved and you might even start to think the people are in control, or are we?


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