Press Release


Los Angeles – Barack Obama coughs or sneezes and you win. It’s a new promotion for the movieSICK & SICKER: ObamaCare Canadian Style.

SICK & SICKER shows what happens when politicians play doctor by taking over the health care sector of a nation. So today, Logan
Darrow Clements, the producer of SICK & SICKER announced he will let average Americans play doctor by observing President Obama and reporting if he looks sick.

Starting in January 2012 the first person to email Clements a link to a video of Obama where he appears sick, perhaps because he coughs or sneezes on TV, will receive an “Obama-ectomy Screening Package”. This screening package offers the right to screen SICK & SICKER publically, charge admission and keep the revenue. It also provides 100 DVDs of SICK & SICKER which the screener can resell. Clements hopes that groups fighting ObamaCare will use the Package as an activism and fundraising tool.

The movie’s producer announced the offer in a web video at