Pro-gun Libertarian Kaufer challenges Sears, Campion

This article by Christie Wisniewski originally appeared Oct. 29 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — One of Jeff Kaufer’s reasons for challenging incumbents Dick Sears and Brian Campion in the race to represent Bennington in the Vermont Senate is relatively simple: “Nobody else was doing it,” he said.

Jeff Kaufer

Jeff Kaufer, of Shaftsbury

Shaftsbury-based Kaufer, running as a Libertarian , believes it is his responsibility to step up and “move the incumbents out of office” because no one else announced their candidacy against the incumbents. He also describes himself as a “fiscal conservative and social liberal” but believes Libertarian is the most “constitutionally consistent” political party.

“I’ve never run for any office before, so it’s an interesting experience for me,” said Kaufer, who manages the spa division of Concord Pools near Albany, N.Y.

The right to own a weapon is a major reason Kaufer decided to run; he says he is unhappy with recent gun legislation that makes it more difficult for Vermonters to buy and use firearms.

“I’m a very avid believer in a person’s right to own a weapon, primarily for self defense,” he said. “In standing with Vermont’s constitution [and] with the [United States] Constitution, the government can’t pass laws infringing on this right.”

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Image courtesy of Jeff Kaufer

2 thoughts on “Pro-gun Libertarian Kaufer challenges Sears, Campion

  1. Libertarian = the BEST of the Right and the BEST of the left.
    Small Gov’t, low taxes, more freedom.
    Individuals, AKA Citizens, have the Constitutional Right to chose for themselves anything they desire as long as it does not violate the same rights of their fellow Citizens.

    Best luck to Jeff Kaufer’s run for Vt Senate

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