Pro-Suicide Rallies Planned for Vermont

According to the Examiner’s Kelly Bartlett:

Patient Choices Vermont plans several meetings to promote suicide for Vermont patients. The advocates for Death with Dignity support a bill that would make it legal for healthcare personnel to assist patients in killing themselves. George Eighmey will join Board Member David Babbott, M.D. to lead discussions on (H. 274) the physician assisted suicide bill.”

Of course all this is being done under the euphemism “Death With Dignity”.  Some groups are not buying this sanitized phrasing of something that they believe has little to do with dignity:

True Dignity Vermont states, “Suicide is never death with dignity, and assisted suicide legislation threatens true patient choices at the end of life.”  The organization reports that teens, the elderly, and people with disabilities are at risk:  “Elders and people with disabilities are, as a group, at high risk for violence, abuse and exploitation.” (Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services.) “




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