Progressive activist group Rights & Democracy ready for new legislative session

This article by Tiffany Tan originally appeared Jan. 3 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — Members of Rights & Democracy’s local chapter expect to be among the hundreds of people making an appearance at the Statehouse when the new legislative session opens next week.

The progressive political group plans to meet with various state lawmakers to win support for several bills that last year got killed at the governor’s desk, according to discussions at a local Rights & Democracy meeting Wednesday.

The nonprofit group, established in 2016, would again be lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage to $15, as well as paid parental and family-care leaves that would be funded by all employees in Vermont.

It’s a proponent also of a state law that would limit the use of forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts and require companies to pay for the medical monitoring of people exposed to toxic substances that the companies emit.

The four bills passed in the Vermont House of Representatives and Senate last year but got vetoed by Gov. Phil Scott.

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4 thoughts on “Progressive activist group Rights & Democracy ready for new legislative session

    • It’s not only Follow the Money, you better hide your wallet any time you hear any
      sort of Liberal Policies ………. It’s going to cost you !!

  1. Literally imported organizers from the south side of Chicago and other parts of the usa. Another imported leftist organization funded and run from outside the state, they came to our town and protested a wedding, that’s our business btw, destination weddings. Everyone was like who are these people? Nobody in town knew the protestors

    Reason? Ivanka and Jarad were going to their friends wedding.

    They really don’t care about poor

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