Proposed Cuts are not Clear but Still Opposed by Special Interest.

One has to wonder whether Vermont is ever going to summon the courage and discipline necessary needed to cut our spending enough to avert a looming fiscal meltdown.  As illustrated in the following Fox News article, even vague and unclear proposals to make spending cuts are met with protests:

“Nearly a thousand Vermonters rallied outside that State House to protest Governor Peter Shumlin’s proposed cuts to mental health services in his 2012 budget.

The proposal cuts close to $15 million. It is part of Governor Shumlin’s plan to close a $176 million budget gap.”

These protests are going on despite the fact that the spending cut proposals are vague and do not specify what actually is being cut:

“Precisely where the cuts could come from is unclear. But he says his administration will look at “structural changes” to make services more efficient, effective, and more responsive to an individual’s needs.”

When we have a political leadership that is unwilling to get serious enough about cutting spending to be more specific and special interest groups that are not showing enough maturity to realize that they have to share in the process of cutting back, the likelihood of achieving some measure of fiscal sanity is unlikely.