Protesters in Bennington rally against net neutrality repeal

This article by Ed Damon originally appeared Dec. 7 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — Speaking out against the proposed repeal of net neutrality rules, a group of demonstrators gathered at the Four Corners intersection on Thursday evening.

Some 10 people showed up to the GoWireless Verizon authorized retailer on Main Street for the demonstration. They held candles or flashlights as well as signs. The demonstration comes as federal regulators are set to roll back existing rules for net neutrality, the concept that companies have to treat all internet traffic equally.

Nationwide, protests were organized by the Demand Progress, Free Press Action Fund and other groups. Verizon has been brought into their focus because of the company’s support to the changes as well as FCC Chairman Aijit Pai’s ties with the company, according to the Demand Progress website.

Jim Prendergast, with the the Greater Bennington Peace and Justice Center, said he doesn’t own a cell phone and, mostly, uses the Internet for email.

“But it’s one of last vestiges we have for first amendment being open and free,” he said. “If it goes the way of cable TV and satellite radio, not only will it become unaffordable for many people, it will be restrictive in what we can see, listen to and hear.”

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