Putin Rolls Over America’s Beta President

By Alice Dubenetsky

As the American media fertilize their drooping ratings with round-the -clock coverage of the mystery surrounding the missing airliner, Malaysian flight 370, Russia has just annexed a strategically important tract of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin defied warnings from the U.S. and our NATO allies, forced a referendum and subsequently marched in and took over Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. On Wednesday Russian troops moved on Ukraine’s naval headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, where Russia has long maintained a strategically important naval base, and raised the Russian flag. The transfer was complete and to date, largely peaceful.

Putin knew from the beginning that the United States, under it’s current administration, poses no threat at all to Russia’s hegemony and will do nothing to stand in the way of Putin’s expansion of the Russian state. Putin has been a keen observer of Barack Obama and obviously knows something that a large portion of American voters did not recognize: that Obama has no courage, no vision and no interest in world leadership.

Putin retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from a career of intelligence gathering (spying) in the KGB before turning to politics. Obama was an Illinois State Senator with virtually no voting record before becoming a U.S. Senator and ascending to the Presidency without credentials, experience or knowledge. His background is hazy at best, and the due diligence expected from a responsible media was largely absent in order to propel him into the White House. He attained the title of Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth mainly on the basis of the feel-good notion that his presidency would be “historic.”

Well, it certainly is turning out to be historic.

With his move on Ukraine, Putin is establishing his credentials on the world stage as the alpha leader, while forcing the world to see Obama as the beta male who can be dominated, defied and even ridiculed. This week the Russians led a chorus of gleeful world laughter after Obama slapped “sanctions” on a grand total of 11 Russians, the majority of whom, according to the Wall Street Journal, were “lawmakers of little significance”. The jeering, taunting tweets from those who were “sanctioned” don’t bear repeating, so embarrassing are they to the American public.

In Vladimir Putin’s 2005 state of the nation address, the Russian President said that the collapse of the Soviet empire “was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” In 2012, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took Putin’s words seriously when he declared Russia to be the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States and the world. During a subsequent presidential debate, Barack Obama, in what should have been a clear indication to voters of this man’s utter lack of maturity and judgment, condescendingly scolded Romney, saying that he was glad Romney “recognized al Quaeda as a threat” and adding, “the 1980’s are now calling and they want their foreign policy back. The cold war’s been over for 20 years.” He went on to say that Governor Romney seems to want to import the policies of the 1980’s when it comes to U.S. foreign policy. Obama’s superciliousness is now revealed for what it was: a complete lack of understanding of the real world, the Russian psyche, the world of geopolitics and the terrible threat Russia still poses to their neighbors and to the world at large.

History hasn’t ended, and that is a lesson the Obama administration cannot seem to grasp. It is hard to believe that a U.S. President and two of his Secretaries of State could be so completely ignorant of the real world as it exists – with rapacious intent – outside of their smug circle. Russia surely recognizes its immunity from any strong western response to their actions. The terrifying vacuum left by the ineptitude of America’s current government is waiting to be filled and Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland are certainly aware of their peril.

John Kerry huffs that Russia is on the wrong side of history, but then hastens to add that “it’s nothing personal”, as though he’s afraid to offend the leader of the nation that just rolled over the sovereign nation of Ukraine, the very country that the U.S. is bound by treaty to protect. Obama swats at the Putin regime like a child, weak and foolish and totally disinterested in anything that disturbs his silly entertainments at home. This is a president who is more comfortable on a comedy set surrounded by ferns than in the oval office surrounded by policy makers and leaders. The ramifications of his failed presidency, that has wrought so much economic and social damage at home, is now being felt abroad. The deficiencies of the Obama administration are clearly recognized by tyrants world-wide. Let’s hope history is not about to repeat itself, because today there is no will in Washington to impede or prevent the precipitate spread of global tyranny.