Rader-Wallack Resignation Accelerates VT Health Care Reform Crisis

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom

In response to the announcement that Green Mountain Care Board Chair Anya Rader-Wallack has resigned, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom has called upon Governor Shumlin and the Legislature to immediately repeal the Health Benefits Exchange mandate and allow Vermont businesses and individuals to also purchase insurance from the traditional marketplace, as is being done in every other state.

VHCF was stunned by the news that Green Mountain Care Board Chair Anya Ryder Wallack has, at this critical time, decided to resign. This action puts into greater jeopardy Vermont’s ability to successfully launch the Health Benefits Exchange System, called Vermont Health Connect, by October 1st.

This action further threatens Vermont’s high quality health care system and amplifies the uncertainty for businesses and individuals who are trying to plan and make decisions for health care insurance coverage next year under the Exchange. According to the administration officials 118,000 Vermonters are now at risk.

Within the next few days the rate filings for the Exchange plans will be made public. Vermonters will be shocked by the dramatically higher premiums imposed by these reforms. VHCF predicts that reform-induced price hikes will force thousands of Vermonters to drop their health coverage. If the Shumlin Administration and the Legislature would simply allow the insurance market to operate along with the Exchange, all of this could be avoided.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is in the process of launching a Doctor – Patient Network to protect doctors’ rights to practice medicine and patients’ rights to contract with providers for their services – without government intervention in the doctor/patient relationship. We believe this is critical to preserving and protecting Vermont’s high quality health care system now that uncertainty about our health care future is at unprecedented levels.

2 thoughts on “Rader-Wallack Resignation Accelerates VT Health Care Reform Crisis

  1. I too have wondered whether planners jump ship when the boat springs a big leak, or the overwhelming storm is clearly forecast.
    When a “build-out” result like Williston’s Tafts Corners or Winooski’s and Burlington’s 1970 “urban renewals” become visible, it seems like planners move on, in other words they Flee the wreckage.
    We can hope Shumlin “takes his marbles and goes home” and that this foreshadows the demise of Obama-Care.

  2. Anya abruptly resigned as Howard Dean’s health guru in 1994, after Howard’s grandiose scheme collapsed in the Senate Finance Committee. Maybe this time she’s getting ahead of the game.

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