Ralph Heath’s Friday Funny

A Thank You Poem

by Ralph Heath

I need a leave of absence,

I hope for just a while,

It will test my sense of humor,

But that’s not my biggest trial.

And for the fear and troubles,

That we deal with each day

A laugh or just a smile

Often makes them fade away.

It seems now every issue,

Has opposing points of view,

So you need a sense of humor

No matter what you do.

And when we fret and worry,

Over that which seems so stressing,

It will help if we acknowledge

That each day is such a blessing.

It’s been a real honor

To cartoon for all of you,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed some,

For that’s what I tried to do.

Let’s not forget the wonder,

Of this world in which we live,

Nor the power of a smile,

A gift we all can give.

We’ll miss you Ralph, and hope to have you back at the art board soon! — RR