Rep. Stuart signs #BernieGoToGaza petition about ‘killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces’

This article originally appeared May 14 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Brattleboro Solidarity has collected more than 700 signatures as part of the #BernieGoToGaza campaign, which coincides with the 70th year of Nakba, when 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee from their homes, today reaching close to 8 million refugees worldwide.

Among those who signed the petition was State Rep. Valerie Stuart, D-Windham 2-1, who stated: “I have been concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people for many years. Both the Jews and the Palestinians deserve a homeland and to live in peace. These two goals are not mutually exclusive. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

A number of organizations have also signed the letter, including Jewish Voice for Peace Western Mass, Vermonters for Justice in Palestine, The Root Social Justice Center, Vermont National Lawyers Guild, Lost River Racial Justice, Western Massachusetts Coalition for Palestine, and Will Lambek of Migrant Justice.

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4 thoughts on “Rep. Stuart signs #BernieGoToGaza petition about ‘killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces’

  1. Isn’t it so nice that she cares. wouldn’t the World be a better place if people would drop to their knees, quivering with the warm fuzzies of sensitivity for the downtrodden. Yes those downtrodden who are too stupid to realize the Arabs don’t care about them. These Palis who are sock puppets for Hamas and Hizbollah.

    I wonder if she wets her panties with the same throbbing feeling when a cop is shot? Or when some citizen in the throes of self defense uses their gun to save the county large costs by just killing some drug addled thug/punk believer in socialism.

    What is said then? This sounds more like it is an election year.

  2. Isn’t the Burnmeister jewish by birth even though he is a practicing Communist, oh yeah the Palestinians will listen to the Burn. Assuming the Burnmeister wasn’t a joke, they would snackbar him and say next victim, then again perhaps he should stick his nose where it doesn’t belong.

  3. Valerie Stuart and the wacky left wing organizations ought to be a little more concerned about the rhetoric that emanates from the Palestinians, on a daily basis, of driving Israel into the sea. With rockets landing daily in Israel, gratis those peace loving Palestinians, Bernie could be in grave danger. He is, after all, a Jew. And Palestinians just don’t like Jews. Ms. Stuart would benefit greatly by learning a little bit of history in that region. So foolish.

  4. So this conflict has been going on for seventy years, this gaggle of protesters want to send
    Bernie ” Soapbox ” Sanders over to evaluate ( fix ) the situation.

    What do they think he’s going to accomplish he has been in politics most of his adult life has
    he even mentioned this conflict in those years ???

    Offer ” The Bern ” a chance to be in front of a camera or front row he’ll be there, he won’t
    accomplish anything but you will get to here his rhetoric !!

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