Romney rallies support in Montpelier

by Kevin Joseph Ryan 

MONTPELIER – This past Wednesday, Republican lawmakers were joined together under the Vermont Capital Dome in Montpelier to support Governor Mitt Romeny in his bid for the Presidential nomination here in the Green Mountain State. They were joined by their special guest, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu. Approximately 20 supporters gathered for the announcement, including Senator Randy Brock (Franklin) and Senator Vince Illuzzi (Essex-Orleans), both of whom spoke at the event, legislative stalwarts Essex Representative Linda Myers and Rutland Senator Bill Doyle were on hand as well , among others.

Although all seemed to be very positive at the prospect of Mitt Romney winning Vermont’s primary next Tuesday, the excitement of the event proved that even the best laid plans of mice and Senators oft go astray, as Vince Illuzzi introduced Governor Sununu as “Governor Romney”. Sununu replied that he and Romney are similar on many issues, but they do have their differences, the Governor said. “The main difference is my hair moves!” Sununu then moved on to point out differences between Romney and his competitor, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, who according to Sununu has developed a tendency to spend too much.

Gov. John Sununu (NH) and Vermont State Senator Vince Illuzzi (R-Essex/Orleans) speak at Montpelier Rally for Mitt Romney