Legislators hold public forum on healthcare

by Angela Chagnon

Rutland – Vermonters are hungry for information about the new health care bill, H.202, which Governor Shumlin is about to sign into law. While answers are hard to come by in Montpelier, a group of legislators from the Rutland area put on a forum to offer explanations and issue warnings about what this new law will mean for our state and our pocketbooks.

About eighty citizens turned out for the event, and the panel of legislators (Rutland Senators Kevin Mullin and Peg Flory; and Representatives Cynthia Browning (D-Arlington); Jim Eckhardt (R-Chittenden); Peter Fagan (R-Rutland); and Rutland Town Treasurer Wendy Wilton), spoke and answered questions for about two and a half hours.

Lt. Governor Phil Scott also made an appearance, but did not participate in the discussion

Topics included funding for the new system, powers of the Green Mountain Care Board, how physicians and specialists have reacted to the legislation (spoiler alert: not well), and costs. Wendy Wilton presented her model projection of H.202’s cost.

Please take the time to watch these videos and pass them on to your friends and neighbors. This is critical information for understanding what is happening and what is at stake with our healthcare system.

Part 1

The Green Mountain Care Board, Exchange, general run-through of the bill

Part 2

The cost of Green Mountain Care, Wendy Wilton’s remarks on H.202’s cost/funding

Part 3

Cost containment, H.202’s affect on doctors and specialists, cost shifting

Part 4

What can citizens do about H.202?