Sanders Has BECOME a Parody?

“He has become a parody to whom I cannot listen, and is not unlike other screeching voices on the right and left that I have tuned out, such as Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olberman.”

Such is the conclusion of a recent “My Turn” piece in the Burlington Free press in regards to Senator Bernie Sanders.  It is not a matter of ideology in this case, by the shrill and uncivil nature of his political discourse:

After all these years, Mr. Sanders’ frequent and continuous expressions of “outrage” have worn thin. I have simply tuned him out. Conversations with others have convinced me that I am not alone. To me, Sen. Sanders’ choice of language has caused him to become little beyond a contributor to the national cacophony of coarseness.

Given that his “coarseness” is nothing new, I find it a bit odd that such opinions have not been expressed in Vermont’s media outlets more often.  The only point that I have to disagree on with the author of the piece is that Senator Sanders has become a parody.  Anyone who has paid any attention to him over the years would have to admit that, if anything, his rhetoric has moderated.  His contribution to the political dialogue of irrational, anger filled screeching has long been his trademark.  Something tells me that our media would have pointed this out a long time ago if his ideology leaned to the right.