School officials grapple with draft articles from Agency of Education

This article by Patricia LeBoeuf originally appeared Aug. 29 in the Bennington Banner.

Same concerns, different document. That’s how some local district board members of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union described their thoughts about recently-released draft default Articles of Agreement from the Agency of Education, which, if adopted, would govern how school districts will function under upcoming mergers implemented through Act 46.

The draft articles could be changed, as the state Board of Education will issue a final statewide plan in connection with Act 46 by Nov. 30.

Under the draft articles, released Aug. 22, each town in merged districts would have two seats on the new union district board — no matter the size of the town.

This model of board representation could be amended after a year, but only the voters would have the authority to change it.

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One thought on “School officials grapple with draft articles from Agency of Education

  1. If only the Vermont Agency of Ed., it’s directors, the State Board of Ed., the VT legislature and the current Scott administration, would open their eyes to what works in the education market place, Vermont’s highest in the nation per pupil costs and its student’s less than mediocre academic and economic performance could be turned around at the drop of a hat. If they wanted to reverse enrollment declines and see Vermont’s workforce and economy thrive, all they need do is pay attention to ‘the education marketplace’ that schools like Burr and Burton represent.

    “Liberty [including educational liberty] means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” George Bernard Shaw

    There is only one reason why the State education monopoly continually oppresses personal and parental education freedom. It’s because the monopoly doesn’t want to be held responsible for its actions while its operatives and special interests profit from its authority. It is tyranny personified.

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