Should Taxpayers Subsidize Unhealthy Food Choices?

‘It’s no surprise, not everyone makes healthy choices when shopping at the supermarket. But one Vermont lawmaker says some people are using food stamps to fund their unhealthy habits.

“You can purchase just about anything with the exception of beer, and other alcoholic beverages with food stamps,” Rep. Oliver Olsen (R-Jamaica) said.’  – Fox 44 News

I am usually opposed to the government regulating people’s behavior, but Rep. Olsen makes a good case for his proposal:

Olsen says he doesn’t care what people purchase with their own money, but says tax payer dollars should not be used on unhealthy food items, which in turn will raise healthcare costs for the state of Vermont.

“If you want to purchase a candy bar or a can of soda, you can pull money out of your own pocket to make that purchase,” Olsen said.

He has a point about taxpayers not subsidizing unhealthy behaviors.


One thought on “Should Taxpayers Subsidize Unhealthy Food Choices?

  1. I have already fact-checked oliver oslon , defining junk food is easier said than done, many folks label commonly easy appeal food as junk, but are misled. For instance should we ban ben&jerrys but not stony chocolate yogurt.

    Many unhealthy foods exist, for example canned soups, many folks may think that the olive garden for example is healthier than a mcdonald’s burger but that is not necessarily the case.

    Should we ban shrimp butter,biscuits, pizza (After all its just cheese and dough) which ironically vermont is for.

    This is just another “feel food” proposition aimed “at easy comfort” foods (not to be confused with cuisine called comfort) that taste food and easily accessible, showing the naive comments from folks thanking rep oliver olson, who would have no problem if you bought tons of fatty cheese or ate 4 egg yolks a day.

    After all oil and chicken is fried, hamburgers consist of cheese/beef, french fries are just potatoes and oil.

    Granola is probably the worse food you its fat. oh and s alty sweet/sour america choice chicken, well oliver olson ban that?

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