Shumlin Administration Officials Coach Representative Michael Fisher via text and email during House floor debate


Vermonters for Helathcare Freedom

The debate on heath care took an interest twist on Thursday, February 23rd, when it was discovered that key Shumlin Administration staffers were “texting” and “emailing” House Health care Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Fisher with answers to questions from other representatives during the floor debate of House Bill 559.

According to other House members Fisher was receiving text messages from Robin Lunge, Commissioner of Health Care Reform during the deliberations, and she sat very close by Chairman Fisher in the House chamber during the proceedings.

According to Darcie Johnston, founder of VHCF, “This is wrong on so many levels.

First, if the chair of the committee does not know the bill well enough to answer the questions, then why is the House passing this bill?

Secondly, it demonstrates the power and the reach of this Administration and the weakness of the legislative leadership to explore and defend the policy on their own.

And finally it demonstrates that a majority of our legislature is not representing its constituents, but the political party bosses, instead.”

She continued, “Only legislators are allowed to debate in the Chamber during open session, and these secretive communications from the Administration violates the precepts of a free debate by those elected to the legislative body.”

VHCF has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Shumlin Administrations and Legislators to obtain the text and email messages sent by Lunge and others to Fisher and others during the debate. VFHCF will make the information public once it receives these communications.

For further information or comments, please contact Darcie Johnston at (802) 229-6107 or visit

One thought on “Shumlin Administration Officials Coach Representative Michael Fisher via text and email during House floor debate

  1. Let me see, from this post Legislators should not be using the internet?
    Should not be getting details answer to technical questions from the experts resources in state employees?
    Asking questions is now dumb? Maybe for Darcie but that is not what my teachers taught me.
    She carefully omits that any legislator can ask detailed questions from the state experts via internet, phone or face to face.
    How she spins this to a evil is astonishing.
    She reminds me of character “Mayhem” in the Allstate adds….laughing at the wreckage she leaves behind.

    An then there are those who thrive on propagating miss information.

    Shame on them

    Vermonters deserve better!

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