Shumlin Agenda Hurting Job Growth

From the Vermont GOP:

On Tuesday the Vermont Business Roundtable released a survey showing the uneasy feelings of CEO’s here in Vermont. While the survey was just released, Vermonters had already begun to see the crippling effects of Governor Peter Shumlin and his Democrat supermajority policy’s.

Real businesses who want to create real jobs for working Vermonters have made it clear that Vermont is on the wrong-track. Just recently, GW Plastics, a major employer in central Vermont, told the Herald of Randolph of their job creation plans that were put in limbo.

GW executives, however, “remain concerned about the unfavorable business climate in Vermont,” he said. Of particular concern are the possible closure of Vermont Yankee (GW is a heavy user of electricity) and the move toward single-payer health care, carrying “the possibility of increased costs to companies like GW.”

The two developments “make Vermont a less attractive location to invest over the long term,” Bell said. (The Herald of Randolph 6/16/11)

Commenting on the survey and the concerns of employers like GW Plastics, Pat McDonald, Chairwoman of the Vermont Republican Party, said, “The time has come to restore stability and credibility to state government, and start addressing the real needs of employers, who are reluctant to create jobs in this uncertain environment. It’s primarily about the cost of doing business. Among other things, the Shumlin administration and Democratic supermajority could start by telling Vermont businesses exactly how much their single-payer proposal will cost and how it will be paid for.”