Shumlin approves record gas tax hike

by Robert Maynard

Despite all his huffing and puffing about not raising more taxes, Governor Shumlin just signed the largest tax increase in Vermont history.  Those who have been following this site should not be surprised. On march 29th we ran an article pointing out that Republican House Minority Leader Don Turner had put together a large enough coalition to sustain a veto of such tax increases should Governor Shumlin decide to back up his rhetoric with actions.  In short, Representative Turner called Shumlin’s bluff.  On April 16th we posted an article noting that Governor Shumlin appeared to be inching closer to the Democratic legislative majority when it comes to taxing and spending.  It looks now like Shumlin has went “all in” with the Democratic legislative majority. The following is from the Addison Eagle: “Vermonters can thank a majority of legislators and Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) for increasing the cost of their transportation in the state.”  The sub-title of the article reads: “Low-income residents, farmers, small businesses to be hurt the most.”  So much for “Putting People First.”