Shumlin Assistant Admits That They “Need to Spend More Time” Figuring Out the Finances of the Proposed Health Care Reform

It looks like some of Vermont’s business leaders are getting a little concerned over the proposed healthcare reform:

“We’re about to take one the largest undertakings in the history of the United States,” said Bob Gaydos, an insurance consultant. “Employers right now have been caught off guard.”   – WCAX-TV

This quote is telling.  Vermont’s political leadership is asking us to follow them down a path filled with too many unknowns and unanswered questions.  The inability of our political class to answer those questions has got some a little wary:

“Well, I think it’s the fear of the unknown,” said Lon Finkelstein of the Vermont Tent Company.

Finkelstein says under the current system his employees have a choice between two health insurance policies.

“We’re in business. I always thought that competition ends up being the best thing for the consumer whether it’s the rental business or health care,” he said.

Besides the issue of choice when it comes to policies, there is also the question of cost:

“On the financing we’re being honest about it– we need to spend more time,” said Anya Rader Wallack, the special assistant to the governor for health reform.

This rush to pass a proposal that they admittedly do not even know how they are going to pay for is inexcusable.  Ms. Wallack is right on one thing, they do “need to spend more time”.  Perhaps they might want to consider withdrawing the proposal and spend the time, that they admit is needed, to figure out the answers to such questions before ramming through a bill that raises for questions than offers solutions.