Shumlin: Everybody In Shumlin’s Rose Colored Glasses Threatens All Vermonters

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom

Governor Peter Shumlin attended and was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of Physicians for a National Health Program in Boston on Saturday.

During his speech Governor Shumlin was challenged by known communist and single payer founder Dr. David Himmelstein on Vermont not being able to enact true single payer health care. In response, Governor Shumlin said “Let me just say, I agree with you, but I’m going to try to get the waivers to get everybody [in Vermont} in the pool – everybody. I want everybody in the pool.”

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is pleased the Governor Shumlin has finally admitted that he wants “everybody in the pool” including those on Medicare, Tricare and any other insurance plan that is not Vermont’s Single Payer Plan. “Now that Vermonters know what the Governor has planned combined with his plans for rate and payment reform through the SIM/Duals Grant and the efforts of the Green Mountain Care Board, Vermonters can look forward to more physicians leaving, care being turned over to Physician Assistances, and rationing of care for the sickest and most vulnerable among us.

Governor Shumlin is threatening every Vermonter’s welfare and our states economy with exploding tax rates, unprecedented government growth and poor health care. Yet, we still do not know how this unsustainable policy will be paid for. VHCF is calling on the Governor to tell us how much this scheme is going to cost in new taxes and who is going to have the privilege of paying for his scheme?

Governor Shumlin’s failed record on the launch of Vermont Health Connect, the likelihood more Vermonters will be uninsured in 2014 and greater costs to Vermont state government for a three month extension of VHAP and Catamount because folks are unable to sign up do the VHC failure should be enough of a warning to Vermonters that Governor Shumlin’s single payer scheme and health care reforms are not in their best interest. Long term single payer will be detrimental to economic health of our state.

In addition, while Vermonters are paying more for health care, Governor Shumlin refuses to collect the penalties from CGI and is continuing to spend thousands of dollars everyday advertising VHC’s website that doesn’t work.

Yesterday, Governor Shumlin gave the most plausible answer as to why VHC failed when he said “I sometimes get the sense when I read the stories that I had on these rose-colored glasses — that I had been in Colorado or Washington State smoking something legal and I had no idea what was going on”.

Vermonters are 100% sober and understand that Governor Shumlin’s reforms including single payer are not in their best interest.

Links to both the Seven Days Blog and Governor Shumlin’s speech at Physicians for National Health Program are below:

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  1. About time we looked into impeaching this governor. He is violating his oath and probably the state constitution in destroying the healthcare in VT. Are all the hospital employees g0ing to be state employees? Are all the doctors and nurese aware of this? Are the hospital property’s going to be taken over by emminet domain? PLEASE explain, in total, exactly what state controled healthcare will be!!!
    Texas, New Hampshere, the Carolina’s
    Kentucky, so many choises, so little time.

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