Shumlin: I Don’t Do Dates

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom

Governor Peter Shumlin’s performance on WCAX’s The .30 last night’s should concern all Vermonters.

As Vermonters scramble to make sure the have health care coverage on January 1, 2014 the have been faced with having to compile with “dates” as first mandated by Act 171 and now as proposed in a back room deal between the Governor and the insurance providers and even then the dates continue to change.

Vermonters who want to extend their insurance or that of their businesses for three months have to let the insurance company know their intention by November 25th. When extending, many are being told you have to join VHC by February 1st if you want coverage on April 1st.

Individuals, non-profits and businesses owners are struggling to do the right thing by their families and their employees and they are forced to make these really tough choices and decision by a certain date set by the Governor. Most have spent hours away from their families and businesses to try to compile in time.

Governor, dates do matter and as the Chief Executive Officer it is your job to do dates. A date certain is what you should be holding CGI and your VHC staff to – they work for you. You can not say you are taking responsibility on one hand and then on the other say you “I don’t do dates”. Under this logic the CEO of Amazon should not worry about December 25th.

Governor Shumlin, tell CGI what you expect by a certain date and then tell Vermonters what date they can expect the website to work and what your Plan B is if the date is not met. That’s what Vermonters want, it’s what they deserve and that is what leadership is. You’re in charge and the buck stops with you.

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  1. VT, of course, is among the several states whose Banking & Insurance Commissions have denied the extension of health insurance plans. No time outs on the road to Single Payer!

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