Shumlin keeps Douglas appointee at head of PSB

by Angela Chagnon

Governor Shumlin announced the re-appointment of Jim Volz, previously appointed by former Governor Jim Douglas in 2005, as Chair of the Public Service Board.

“He’s extraordinarily confident, he’s fair, he listens, he knows the issues…better than almost anyone and he cares deeply about Vermont,” Shumlin said of Volz. “I don’t think I can do any better than that.”

The Governor also announced $13.2 million in federal funding directed toward VEDA (Vermont Economic Development Authority) was coming to the state “to help give credit to small businesses that are struggling to get credit that they need to grow.”

“The chief priority for all of us is not only creating jobs not only for those who need jobs, but growing incomes for those who have jobs,” Shumlin stated. “On average, Vermonters are making the same amount of money that they were making ten years ago.”

Shumlin said he anticipated that the federal funds would “result in a ten dollar match for every dollar we invest.” Based on this figure, he estimated that VEDA would be able to “draw down literally 132 million dollars worth of new credit for businesses that desperately need it.”

Shumlin thanked Vermont’s federal delegation for getting Vermont a “disproportionate share” of federal money for this program.

(Editor’s note: Why are people so proud that our state is “disproportionately” on federal welfare? Why aren’t they embarrassed by this?)