Single-use plastic ban sought in Manchester

This article by Greg Sukiennik originally appeared July 11 in the Manchester Journal.

MANCHESTER — Local environmental activist group Earth Matters says it is pursuing a ban of single-use plastic bags, water bottles and straws in Manchester.

Group members will be at the Manchester Street Fest, July 20 from 6 to 9 p.m., to talk to the public and seek signatures on petitions calling for the ban of single-use plastics here and around the world.

Anne D’Olivo of Earth Matters said the group has been in contact with officials and activists in Brattleboro, which passed a ban on single-use plastic bags last year. That law, which was approved by the Brattleboro Select Board in March 2017 and took effect July 1, specifically bans thin-film single-use plastic bags, which have a thickness of less than 2.25 millimeters and are intended for transporting purchased products one time.

“For now, our focus is on banning single-use plastic bags. We will specify the thickness of the plastic bag in the ordinance to cover most carrier bags, but not the larger, thicker tote bags. The thickness has yet to be decided,” she said. “We encourage the public to bring their own cloth bags when shopping at any store.”

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  1. Sounds like what they require us to do when we go to Aldi’s. Either bring your own bag or box or carry your groceries home in your pocket. It works! We don’t need this silly plastic bags for everything.

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