So much for Washington’s “sacuer” theory: Senate on fast track to rubberstamp H.202 by April 13

by Rob Roper  

When Thomas Jefferson asked George Washington why the Constitutional Convention had created a senate, Washington’s answer was for the same reason you pour your coffee into a saucer: to cool it. “We pour legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it.”

But today, a more appropriate metaphor for the Vermont senate might be that it is the getaway car, bolting the scene at high speeds before the authorities can show up and foil the crime.

Senator Kevin Mullin (R-Rutland) warned, “They are trying to have this bill voted out [of committee] by April 8th. We have been taking testimony all along, but this bill is not going to be ready for prime time by April 8th unless the Democrats are willing to just vote for what’s already there. My understanding is that four committees in the senate are working on it at the same time so that floor debate can occur on April 12th and 13th.”

At a press conference last week, Senate President Pro Tem, John Campbell (D-Windsor) said, “Over the week we’ve heard that we’re moving too fast and that there’s too many questions out there that have been left unanswered, I can assure the public that we’re not moving too fast….. We want to be able to answer all of those questions that have been asked, and we intend to do that.”

Just not now. Not before we blow $1.2 million on a panel of five taxpayer funded political cronies to look into the questions the legislature is abdicating its responsibility by not even attempting to answer themselves. Not before we place ourselves on an unstoppable path to single payer health care, whether or not it will work at all.

Opposition to this health care scheme is growing. Vermonters do not want to find themselves in a, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it,” situation. The people are catching on, And you can hear the squeal of tires as our senate makes a desperate break for the boarder with the citizens hot on their heels.