Some Vermont taxpayers get incorrect tax bills

This article by Bob Audette originally appeared Aug. 6 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

WHITINGHAM — Incorrect tax notices have caused confusion across the state, most recently in Whitingham, where nearly 80 homeowners received notices that didn’t jibe with previous years.

“My tax bill goes up and down,” said Carl Jillson. “But I usually pay about half of what this year’s bill is.”

Jillson said he sets aside money each month to be ready to pay his bill on Nov. 1, but the notice he recently received caught him by surprise.

“I figured I had all my bases covered,” he said. “I can probably cover it, but many people can’t. How are they going to pay?”

But not to worry, said Almira Aekus, Whitingham’s Town Clerk, Treasurer, and Collector of Current and Delinquent Taxes. Folks like Jillson should have received or will shortly receive a revised tax bill that reflects what they actually owe.

“Whitingham’s tax bills were mailed out on Aug. 1, and they did include the most recent download from the state,” wrote Aekus, in an email to the Reformer.

Doug Farnham, Economist and Director of Policy for the Vermont Department of Taxes, said about 4,500 tax bills calculated with the wrong rate were sent out because the department got behind in its work.

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2 thoughts on “Some Vermont taxpayers get incorrect tax bills

  1. “The department got overloaded in its work”??????? Are you kidding me, the state is so over staffed compared to our neighbor across the river, it isn’t even close.

  2. I think that my tax bill is incorrect. It went up $360.00 this year when Governor Scott said no increases in property tax. Oh, silly me, he didn’t say less money returned with the same annual income using income sensitivity. That’s different. So, I’m really not paying $360.00 more in taxes this year. It’s just in my head and my lying eyes.

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