Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union boards oppose arming teachers

This article by Patricia LeBoeuf originally appeared Sept. 25 in the Bennington Banner.

Nearly all of the district boards in the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union have gone on record against the idea of arming teachers, in decisions that make the boards’ positions clear but do not carry legal weight.

“School staff at all levels need support to not be made to carry weapons,” said Dick Frantz, clerk of the Woodford and SVSU boards, who first brought the statement to the SVSU board several months ago.

“It’s in support of school personnel,” he said of the statement. “It takes a position that we don’t want to see staff armed, because we don’t see any good outcome.”

The statement says that the SVSU “will not support arming teachers, volunteers or other school personnel.”

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2 thoughts on “Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union boards oppose arming teachers

  1. I have to admit, at first blush, I don’t trust the judgement of many teachers and school administrators to successfully educate our students, let alone competently handle a weapon. On the other hand, do these union boards, administrators and teachers oppose single entrance building access, metal detectors and/or trained/armed security guards too? This article doesn’t say.

  2. At issue here is American Children’s safety while getting their education / or nowadays 12 years of tax payer funded daycare. These opinionated ideological statements don’t help secure schools. Its fine that Lib Dem Socialists & Commie educators & School District Officials have their anti US & Vermont Constitutions beliefs, race victimhood , or Suppressive & oppressive agendas based on lies, propaganda & false perceptions of the real world. Stop putting targets on schools and kids with these invitations to criminals. Schools should be sanctuaries for America’s kids and they should be hardened targets because unlike Libs false interpretation of real life criminals don’t care about laws and certainly don’t commit crimes with lollipops, candy canes, rainbow tshirts and flags pointing people to the safe spaces and crying closets before committing crimes like school shooting. Take down and end Gun Free school zones put law enforcement at schools and lock them down. These School Admins are not helping to keep kids safe and it is my understanding nobody would be forced to carry and definitely not you numbskulls!!

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