Statehouse Stakeout: First week features clash between pot smoking and helping military families

The Vermont Legislature returned to work last week and gathered under the Golden Dome to hear Gov. Phil Scott’s State of the State address. While the return was marked by civility and decorum, priorities clashed between Democrats and Progressives on the one hand, and the Republican governor on the other.

Scott, concerned with Vermont’s stagnant economy, proposed boosting it by offering free tuition for Vermont National Guard members and removing the income tax from military pensions. Democrats and Progressives, however, pushed for smoking pot.

The contrast is captured in this week’s Statehouse Stakeout video:

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18 thoughts on “Statehouse Stakeout: First week features clash between pot smoking and helping military families

  1. LIsten…this is a Communist state; make no mistake. That there is even a clash between helping military families and pot smokers is proof for anybody who would deny it. Remember, they hate America, want to see our military capacity reduced, and want our kids lethargic and brain dead so they can’t think. hmmmm, I think they already won on that issue. Public schools ensure that our kids are brain dead and can’t think. Think I am wrong? Take a look around.

  2. The way I see it Pot shoould have never been outlawed. All outlawed does is create a Black Market and gangs and so forth.
    Just like when the Geniuses Of the early 20th Century, Prohibition, that worked so well. This Law Created the underground mob that now peddles Dope.

    Don’t give free anything to anyone via Government. This action is called Charity and we all should help the needy, but individually

  3. There is absolutely NOTHING to fault in nullifying all laws regarding the use of ANY drug or plant substance by any person above the age of reason and consent. Mollycoddling them, should they decide to indulge after having been made fully aware of the consequences, is folly that only encourages the misuse of substances.

    Those that will not survive were predestined to their fate. 21st Century Darwinism.

  4. How about the thieves in Montpellier do some useful for the citizens of Vermont like lowering taxes,brining jobs/industry to keep Vermont’s future generation in Vermont.

      • One may think that it would be their top priority,however when one realizes that Prog is a polite/politically correct name for Communist/Socialist,which Vermont and particularly Montpellier is burdened with.

  5. We have an ‘opiod epedemic’. WHere do thes morons get that a MJ bill will decrease that? Sounds more like “letting the camels nose under the tent” than anything else. We have enough pot heads here already, we have enough robberies and other crime without making the fuel these morons desire readily available. They’ll just be able to go to the local store and buy it, right? With the money theyy stole from us.

    Like legalizing pot will reduce the heroin problem we have now?? Have you ever been to Bratt? You get dizzy driving thru town. But, I dunno, maybe thats why windmills are popping up everywhere, to blow it into NH. Yeah, thats gotta be it.

    • You jump from cannabis to heroin with no base, there’s isn’t enough evidence to prove that cannabis is or is not a gateway drug. Not to say that a lot of deplorables smoke cannabis but so do productive citizens, I have a different bias with opioids but it is medical/mental health problem not a law enforcement problem.

      Even if legalizing cannabis won’t have a positive result on the economy neither would making college tuition free at the cost of others.

    • LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS. At the same time remove all assitance from the druggies and leave the rest to DARWIN.

  6. This would be a Great First step, doing something for those that give instead of giving
    to those that have done nothing but put a hand out.

    The removal of the income tax from Military pensions as it should be for all pensions!

    Maybe Bernie can you this in his pitch for “Free College” scam, all you need to do is a
    little time in the military. Lets see if the snowflakes will like that.

    But this will not happen, the agenda in Montpelier is to pass as bill on POT, priority one for
    these liberal idiots!

    No concern for the Safety of it’s Citizens who follow the law somewhere around 625 thousand
    of them , or just the 90 thousand POT HEADS. Sad. Shameful!

    The Montpelier POT rainbow … there’s a pot of gold at the end of it.

    • You seem heavily biased against those that indulge in the use cannabis recreationally c.henry. When you miss the bill 100%. If cannabis wasn’t made illegal in the first place, we would have a better understanding of the medical and industrial benefits of this plant.
      As for your generalization of all cannabis users only being dregs on society is a false perception, I know a plethora of individuals who hold full time jobs and are tax paying citizens of Vermont, but according to your standers are actually criminals.

      I don’t support social security, Medicaid or Medicare in general but I see the fault at just disbanding social services all at once, and think that those who apply for unemployment should have to pass a drug test or have a prescription for whatever drug that would send up a red flag.

      I also disagree with subsidies and taking (stealing) without representation from one person to give to another which oversteps natural law. Therefore the free college tuitions regardless of who or how, if the funds come from the public (excluding municipalities) isn’t morally right.

      The legalization of the cultivation and industrialization of cannabis actually has economic benefits where as stealing others incomes to pay for someone’s college diploma is a dreg on the economy.

  7. Leave it to the Progs. They rather blister what few brain cells they have left with concerns over pot legislation than actually do something for the individuals who serve the State in time of peace and war.

    The military probably won’t vote for the Progs whereas the dopers will.

    • The problem with your reasoning is that many of the veterans I know smoke cannabis. There are studies that show that sufferers with PTSD actually benefit from cannabis and/or guided doses of psychedelic mushrooms.
      We would have understood these benefits better if we didn’t make cannabis illegal in the first place and ban scientists/doctors from researching the plant or any plant for that matter.
      If you are unaware of the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis, they are vast, as in medicinal, from cancer and Crohn’s to PTSD and inflammation, to industrial with plastics, cloth, and hempcrete that actually has a negative carbon footprint (and I’m a boarderline global warming denier). All these aspects will help Vermont economy.

      • Due to the federal classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, there has not been any recent research on humans into the benefits of marijuana medicinally or otherwise.
        You’re speaking of anecdotes and/or research on animals.

        Yes, we do need research on humans.

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