Strange Bedfellows?

“Hot Air” just published an article entitled “Great news: OWS now endorsed by both Communist and Nazi Parties“.  The article notes that:

In a move that may redefine the term “strange bedfellows,” the American Nazi Party issued an official endorsement of the Occupy Wall Street protest movement on Sunday afternoon. The announcement put the organization, a self-described “National Socialist” political party, in company with the Socialist Party USA, which explained its own support for the left-wing protesters in a nationwide conference call last Tuesday night, crediting organized labor with the protests’ strength and sophistication to date.

Actually, they are not “strange bedfellows” at all. The OWS, Socialist Party, Communist Party and Nazi Party all support some degree of socialism with a top down, government directed attempt to socially engineer someone’s idea of utopia. What we have here is variations of the same theme finding common ground.