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Putney-area legislators grapple with tough budget

Two numbers caught the attention of local residents gathered for a meeting with their state lawmakers: $41 million in proposed budget cuts that legislators say will come out of human services, and $31 million in tax breaks for school districts that have approved mergers under Act 46.

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Rising enrollment drives taxes down in North Bennington

In total the budget for the district, which does not operate a school but pays tuition to send its students to other schools, such as the Village School of North Bennington and the Southshire Community School, is up 5.48 percent, to a total of $2,710,818. However, the district also saw a greater than six percent increase in its equalized pupil count, which drove per pupil spending, which is used by the state to calculate property tax rate, down.

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Final 2019 budget drafted for Rockingham voters

The Rockingham Select Board on Tuesday approved a fiscal year 2019 budget to send to voters, after slashing through the proposed budget earlier this month amid pressure to reduce the tax increase. What was originally a 6-1/2 cents to 7 cents tax increase, became only a 2-1/2 cents increase.