Roper: A modest proposal for the budget impasse

The Democrats would get the needed pay-down of pensions liabilities they want and successfully avoid the use of one-time funds for ongoing education expenses. Scott and the Republicans could legitimately claim that, when you balance the tax increase with the tax rebate check, they did not raise taxes.


McClaughry: The school property tax deadlock

The problem the Democrats face is that most homeowners badly want property tax relief, and are not very receptive to appeals for sound fiscal practice. It is after all election year, and if Scott’s proposal prevails, his strong suit in November will be that “he stopped rising school property taxes.”

U.S. Army National Guard/Michelle Gonzalez/CC BY 2.0

Gov. Phil Scott: Building the best education system in the country

According to the National Education Association, we have, by far, the largest per-student investment in the country, spending twice the national average. We have a good graduation rate, but our student test scores are only two percentage points higher than the national average. It’s time to have the courage to admit we can do much more for our kids.