McClaughry: Tax reform and fiscal responsibility

We are, alas, well into the era of bitter partisan conflict with high stakes, improbable revenue projections, irreducible federal spending and steadily growing national debt. The current bill will make large and worthwhile changes in the tax code, but falls short of restoring a bright fiscal future.

Wikimedia Commons/Stausifr

McClaughry: The next solar bailout

If the higher price of solar panels and the declining Investment Tax Credit undercut the viability of their business plans, expect an urgent appeal for a taxpayer bailout for solar installers, to counter the government tariff bailout of the solar panel makers.

Bruce Parker/TNR

McClaughry: Martyrs to the Clean Water Act

As reported by Tony Mecia in the Aug. 21 Weekly Standard, Duarte faces a $2.8 million fine plus a mandated outlay of as much as $13 million in “mitigation credits.” His crime: plowing a vacant 22-acre field to grow wheat without a Corps of Engineers permit.