Tantrums and Crocodile Tears Over Executive Order

Alice Dubenetsky

Donald made Chuck cry.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer’s voice broke as he shed tears over President Trump’s temporary ban on people from countries identified as possible terrorists hot-beds.  Shumer was clearly playing to the Cat Hats who stormed into Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration on waves of tears and outrage.  Trump was quick to label them “fake tears”.  “I’m going to ask him who was his acting coach,” the President quipped.

The left is in a frenzy over the Executive Order signed by Trump last Friday that places a temporary hold on admittance for people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.  With the exception of Iran all of these countries  are largely without functioning governments.  It is difficult if not impossible to screen people who are living in these chaotic places because they lack the bureaucratic infrastructure to provide reliable  documentation.  The hysterical left, who have been outraged since Trump won the election in November, are screaming that this is Muslim ban, that it’s illegal and “unconstitutional.”  You may have seen clips of angry Senator Elizabeth Warren screaming this sentiment at a rally over the weekend.

The order has already faced hasty challenges from several judges who have attempted to block it, 

Laurence Tribe, a constitutional scholar at Harvard called the order “barely disguised religious discrimination against Muslims and religious preference for Christians.” 

Conversely, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said he believes the courts will not interpret the order as a religious ban after more careful consideration. “It is not on its face a Muslim ban,” he told Bloomberg Politics. “That dog simply won’t hunt. No judge can look at the order and analyze it as a Muslim ban because the vast majority of Muslims around the world are not affected by the limitations placed on these seven countries.”  

The order does establish preference for refugees who have minority status in those countries, mainly Christians, who are facing religious persecution and in many cases outright genocide from groups like ISIS.

Vermont’s Congressional Delegation immediately issued a statement of condemnation.  “We deplore President Trump’s decision to unilaterally halt the refugee resettlement program and specifically target Muslim countries.  By imposing a blanket ban on entire nationalities of men, women and children facing horrific violence and devastation, he has allowed fear to triumph over compassion and common sense.”

What these three won’t mention is that the temporary order is the result of the Obama administration’s refusal to fully screen people from these countries. Yes, Syria is a full blown humanitarian disaster, but Trump has made it clear that he won’t place American lives at risk in a rush to pull in, along with refugees, people who wish to do our citizens great harm. Trump didn’t cause this situation, he’s merely attempting to put in place protections that the Obama administration failed, through incompetence or intent, to implement.

Tom Nichols of the Federalist pointed out who is responsible for the crisis in Syria.  Nichols, who is no fan of the new President, placed the blame squarely on Obama and his feckless administration.

“Trump is not responsible for the disaster in Syria. There is only one American who must bear the moral stain of allowing Syria to become an abattoir, and that is Barack Obama.

“American inaction on Syria was the coagulated result of several factors, including President Obama’s simplistic beliefs about Middle Eastern affairs, the callous political calculations of his White House staff, the administration’s lumbering and poorly managed interagency process, and the institutional weakness of Secretary of State John Kerry. The few advocates within the administration for a response against Assad were outflanked. 

“Neither, however, is it realistic merely to throw the world’s doors open and try to solve a civil war by resettling the entire population of Syria in Europe and North America. No matter what we do, none of the choices are good.”

And now the left are in tantrum mode over an attempt to temporarily halt the influx of refugees until we have processes in place to identify them.  After eight years of Obama, these people have lost sight of the fact that a  U.S. Presidents first duty is to the people of our nation.  They can cry their crocodile tears all they want, but the adults among us are very glad someone is finally listening and putting a stop to the madness of allowing unfettered entrance to those who have sworn to kill us.

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  1. If the Vermont Congressional delegation is up in arms over the President’s Executive Order banning entry to the US from those countries, it would suggest that there is some merit to the order. Sorry, Bernie,

  2. You wonder where Mr. Shumer’s tears were over the 762 murdered in Chicago in 2016 …. or the 64 policeman KIA the same year in the US ….. We’ve never seen so many non US citizens have so many of our constitutional rights bestowed upon them PRIOR TO their citizenship. Furthermore, when will Americans realize that Islam is a ‘form of government’ …… a long way from calling yourself a Catholic or Protestant. More and more is being write today regarding the collision of civilizations and world views ….

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